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Joomla development

A unique approach for your Joomla development: the integration of your specific needs within our  SEBLOD component. A 100% Open Source response to all your needs...


The qualities of the Joomla! CMS (voted best CMS in 2007 and 2011), as well as its very active community, make it one of the best tools for making websites, with over 8,000 extensions, making it possible to add new features.

What happens when Joomla doesn't meet the exact needs of my project?...

In this case, the fastest response is to go for specific developments. This common approach is sometimes the only solution, but it remains a "hack" that limits the maintenance and the evolution of the entire site. Octopoos offers you a unique approach: Integrate your specific needs to SEBLOD, our extension.

We then deliver an application that perfectly meets your needs, while remaining under Open Source license, GPL. The maintenance, security and stability of your site are thus optimized. It is therefore possible to meet all your needs, regardless of their complexity (Advanced Search, Web Services Integration, Bridge with your ERP: SAP, SalesForce...).