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Involvement with Joomla!

Octopoos is actively involved with the Joomla Community : Contribution to the Joomla code, editor of SEBLOD, member of the JCS and JED teams, participation and sponsorship of JoomlaDays every year...


  • Joomla! specialist since 2007

Our specialization in Joomla, right from our start, assures you a high quality support in the upstream (functional specifications, selection of the most appropriate Joomla extensions, specific development only if necessary...) and downstream (training, maintenance, technical support ...) technical expertise.

  • Editor of SEBLOD

SEBLOD allows you to create Web Applications for Joomla! In concrete terms, this makes it possible to significantly expand the features of the most widely used CMS in the world, without hack. A 100% Open Source environment to meet the most specific needs.

  • Contribution to the Joomla! code and member of JED & JCS Joomla! teams

An official branch of development was opened to allow Octopoos to directly contribute to the development of Joomla. Sébastien Lapoux, Production Manager at Octopoos, is also a member of the JED team (Joomla Extension Directory, validation of Joomla extensions) and the JCS team (Joomla Community Showcase, validation of Joomla websites references). Taking an active part in the Joomla! Community allows us to benefit from a greater visibility into the evolution of the CMS in the long run.

International Joomla events during which Octopoos presented its advances: